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Goodbye Plastic!

  • By Sam H

#Noplastic #Organic #AelppoSoap

It is time to wake up!

Plastic pollution is killing the marine ecosystem. you don't believe me? just go to any beach near by and see for yourself!

Scientists forecast that the weight of plastics in the oceans will exceed that of all the fish by 2050. It is serious! Plastic microfibers from clothing have been found at the bottom of the very deepest marine trenches and in the bodies of 90% of the creatures that live there.

Micro particles of solid plastic are present throughout the marine food chain, slowly killing the fish that ingest them and rendering large percentages infertile. The well-being of our entire planetary Eco-structure is dependent upon the health of the oceans and yet we spear no moment to just sabotage it.

It is a matter of enlightening ourselves to read the figures. We need to wake up and say "Goodbye Plastic" in any way we can.

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