Organic Aleppo Soap - What is Aleppo soap?

Aleppo soap is also called olive or stock soap. They are made according to the traditional Aleppo method that goes far back in time. The history of olive oil goes back more than a thousand years, it is the origin of most solid handmade soaps used today worldwide. The soaps are handmade and its main ingredients are olive oil and bay leaf oil.

As one of the world's oldest cities, Aleppo is a unique product of its past. The Arabic, Turkish, Roman, French and Persian influences shaped the city's cultural heritage and unique lifestyle. Nevertheless, Aleppo's most important contribution may be the birthplace of the soap.

For 4,000 years, Syrian craftsmen have been producing soap bars made of olive oil and laurel oil. A famous natural product and a cultural pride from Aleppo - now close to extinction due to the war. Despite the war in Aleppo, we try to keep Aleppo's culture alive by promoting what once was - and what can be again.


Our soaps are made from 100% natural olive oil and laurel oil. They are thoroughly mixed with great care and have no preservatives or chemical additives.


Our soaps are the culmination of centuries of tradition from the world's most enriched soap making process in Aleppo. Our goal is to keep this fantastic tradition alive.


Our soaps are handmade and individually stamped. The soaps you can order have been carefully crafted and prepared in detail by craftsmen using our ancestral techniques.

A natural Aleppo soap

Aleppo soap is the world's oldest soap and a pure natural product made from fine olive oil, stock laurel oil, water and lye.

This traditional formula contains no colors, parabens or perfumes. Compared to today's soaps, Aleppo soap helps the skin's own balance, making it suitable for all skin types. The ingredients are mixed in the winter during the harvest season and set to dry for up to nine months. During the drying process, the soap turns from green to its distinct beige color while preserving its natural antibiotic properties.

Laurel oil are an effective cleanser that together with olive oil helps to cleanse and close your skin.

Social responsibility Ekologiliv

At Ekologiliv our craftsmen create the perfect Aleppo soap with a detailed and refined perfection. We also protect the environment and therefore work towards a plastic-free planet. We also know that the lack of access to education is one of the foundations of the endless cycle of suffering, marginalization and social exclusion that many in this world face. That is why 5% of our revenue goes to give the next generation a better life. Through partnerships with organizations that educate children in developing countries, each year we select an organization to work more closely with. From January 2019, we have sponsored 3 children for the second year in a row through our local partner in Lebanon.

We also donate 5% of our revenues to help provide opportunities internationally for children and women who have had bad luck in their lives.

Aleppo soap from Syria

Hur tillverkas Aleppotvål


The manufacturing process is slow: Cold pressed olive oil is stirred together with lye in a large vessel for several days. During this process, the olive oil is saponified into a thick liquid soap. During the process, the cold pressed layered laurel oil is added. Depending on how much laurel oil is added, the soap has different properties and scent.

Handgjord Aleppotvål


The soap pulp is then poured onto waxed paper and allowed to solidify for about a day before being cut into soap-sized pieces and stamped with the soap master's seal and the proportion of laurel oill.

Ekologisk Aleppotvål


The soaps are then stored for 8 - 9 months before they are ready for use. During this time, the soap matures and develops even more nurturing and antiseptic properties. The green soap gets a golden yellow outside of the storage. Inside, it is still deep green with the stock laurel oil.

Choose the right kind of Aleppo soap

The Aleppo soap is the oldest kind of soap and has been around for almost 2400 years. The soap is available in many combinations, qualities and for different uses. It can make it difficult to know what you need, but it also allows you to find a beneficial soap, with a reputation for being the world's cleanest soap, which is perfectly adapted to your body and your hair.

The Aleppo soap can be divided into two types. The first is a soap that is actually as pure and natural as it claims to be. The olive oil used is organic and the laurel oil comes from unsprayed wild berries that grow in the environment, no unnecessary ingredients or allergenic essential oils. The other is the aleppo soaps that are made with some kind of olive oil as a base but otherwise contain unnecessary and maybe even harmful ingredients if the manufacturer is not content.

Namely, the only thing an Aleppo soap needs to contain is: Olive oil, laurel oil, lye, a little rubbing salt and a few drops of water (the lye disappears during the saponification and is not left in the soap)

☘️ Olive oil = Rich in vitamin E and polyphenol, which is a useful antioxidant that is said to help delay the effects of aging.
☘️ Laurel oil = Provides extra care properties to the soap. The more layered laurel oil (%) that the soap contains, the milder and nourishing the soap becomes..

Aleppo soap benefits

What are the Aleppo soap benefits and what could it be used for? The answer is simple ... to EVERYTHING! Here are some of all the things you can use your Aleppo soap for:

1️⃣ The body, when showering, washing hands; etc.
2️⃣ Hair, shampoo replacement
3️⃣ The face, to wash off the face from dirt
4️⃣ Shaving, the soap also provides nice protection when you need to shave
5️⃣ Removing stains, rubbing soap on stained clothes before putting them in the washing machine
6️⃣ Works as a detergent


If you just want to test, 5% is a good start! But if you want the benefits of the laurel oil it is not recommended to go below a 10% percentage, that soap suits you with normal skin and normal scalp. If you do not think about how your hands or scalp feel, you probably have normal skin. The soap is great for hand washing and hair washing for both men and women.

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Aleppotvål 5%


A higher proportion of laurel oil is great for you if you have problems with itchy or peeling scalp, irritated and dry hands or sensitive skin on other parts of the body. If you feel that you get drier skin and scalp, it is good to switch to this soap during the cold winter months. This soap is also a great replacement for shaving creams and creates a protective membrane between razor and skin while not obscuring the view, test! You will not be disappointed.

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Aleppotvål 25%


A luxury soap! It is fantastic as a facial cleanser, preferably in combination with a few drops of oil. It provides a perfectly gentle and moisturizing cleanser. The high proportion of laurel oil makes the soap soothe and soothe eczema, rashes and acne outbreaks. If you want to use Aleppo soap for the kids, this is the most softening.

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Aleppotvål 40%