Our Story

| We started out small, Again!!

Our story begins in 1992 when I tried Aleppo Soap for the first time. I was immediately hooked! Armed with determination and eagerness, my love for handmade soap became a thriving business.

Aleppo Soap | Aleppotvål | Organic and Authentic Soap | Handmade

We started out small, sold our lovely Aleppo Soap, a.k.a "Ghar", to our friends and neighbors… and from there things just grew. Our range blossomed, and we added few more suppliers; but our mission remained the same: We want to bring pure, organic joy to your everyday life....To achieve that;  even the small things matter.
By small things we mean:
    • Zero artificial preservatives
    • Zero chemical additives
    • Zero animal fat
    • 100% Natural product

But our cute story had to come to an end. The war in Syria left our artisans with no choice but to leave. However, we’ve been determined to start out again. And just like the first time, we had to start SMALL again.

We believe that our unique handcrafted soap is too good to not be cherished and to not be considered an essential part of our everyday life. You have our word: Once you’ve experienced the soft, gentle and pure feeling of Aleppo soap you, like us, may never use anything else again!